Liberty Bell Grand Opening

PLEASE NOTE: This page will be updated, as needed, with relevant developments, as they unfold.

The MLI's "Grand Opening" Event

Related to Project # 1 (please see this website's "Projects" page), per the MLI's Mission Statement in "The Opening" section, we are continuing the process of building and/or finding the needed infrastructures, supports, and resources, in order to fully establish the MLI, and to successfully conduct its formal "grand opening" celebrations.

The Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) is proud to hereby announce that (so far) the below-listed amazing scholars/activists have responded favorably to our formal invitation to speak in person (or to participate remotely), in the MLI's official opening ceremonies on the occasion of Dr. Mossadegh's 132nd or 133rd birthday (per "The Opening" section of our Mission Statement), right across the street from the American "Independence Hall" and the "Liberty Bell" (visited by "the George Washington of Iran" in November 1951) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Here is a (still partial) list of confirmed participants: 

Prof. Noam Chomsky (Via video message)

Prof. Stephen Kinzer (Possibly via video message)

Mr. Tariq Ali (Possibly via Skype--from Europe) 

Prof. Richard A. Falk (Possibly via Skype)

Prof. Cyrus Bina

Dr. Mohammad Borghei

Dr. Fatemeh Haghighatjoo

Prof. Hamid Zanganeh

Ms. Pardiss Kebriaei 

Mr. Ali Shakeri 


While in the months prior to the event more information (including other speakers) and relevant updates will be forthcoming (in our future public announcements--and reflected here), we hereby request that the persons who are interested in attending the MLI's formal opening event, to please RSVP their intention as soon as possible, by sending us an e-mail (or write), per this website's contact page, including their:

a) Names and contact info (including a phone number for confirmation), 

b) Group affiliation (if any), 
c) The number of persons intending to honor us with their attendance. 

The ticket price for this very special "grand opening" event is only $30, of which $20 is tax-deductible--as permitted by law. 

Persons making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to the MLI, may request to receive an "honorary ticket" (special seating at the event--up to a maximum of 10) for each $100 of such a donation.  

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