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The "two page" brochure you find immediately below (The MLI's Mission Statement follows this segment) is the summary pamphlet / flyer for the initiative outlined below. 

A periodically updated version of this 2-page summary is distributed in the gatherings of the on-going Nonviolence/Mossadegh speaking tour of the U.S., and in the meetings of the Circles of Nonviolence and Collaboration, where possible. 

This brochure/pamphlet may be printed (and should be made to fit) onto 2 pages, i.e., on 2 sides of the same sheet, so as to save paper:   

Page 1

Highlights of What "Circles of Nonviolence and Collaboration" DO?

1) Our NON-PARTISAN project is NOT yet another initiative to add to (and unintentionally compete with) the already existing peace, justice, interfaith, and environmental efforts and groups within the American civil society. Hence, our Circles have no ideology, agenda, or action of their own.

2) OUR CORE AND ONLY MISSION: Facilitating the locally appropriate co-creation of a comprehensive grid of "Circles of American Nonviolence and Collaboration" (causing synergistic effectiveness through "Socratic integration") eventually linked across the U.S.

3) WHAT IS "SOCRATIC" INTEGRATION? A method of creating (or enhancing) synergistic collaboration, hence impact, based on finding the answer to this simple (yet difficult) "Socratic" question: HOW CAN I, OR MY GROUP, CONTINUE TO PURSUE MY/OUR GOALS WHILE ALSO HELPING FELLOW “CIVIL SOCIETY” PERSONS OR GROUPS (peace, justice, environment, interfaith dialogue, etc.) ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS, RESULTING IN AN INTEGRATED MOVEMENT ACROSS VARIOUS CAUSES?

4) In other words, THE HEART of this "Socratic" integration process is retaining (and indeed cherishing) the valuable work of all civil society actors (persons or organizations) who participate in the Circle community, enhancing their work mutually, to hopefully result in synergistic effectiveness--i.e., integra-cumulative impact.



A) Holding many "orientation/introduction" Circle meetings--as many as the local "area of integration focus" needs; B) Identifying and starting to bring "civility actors" together, in or outside the "formal" meetings of the Circle; C) Nurturing genuine relationships and initial collaborations within and between the local persons, groups, and organizations already engaged nonviolently in the area's peace, justice, interfaith dialogue/cooperation, and safeguarding Mother Earth.



Please Google search the phrase “Mossadegh Legacy Institute” and from the menu on the top section of the website (for MLI) click on the "America for Nonviolence" page: http://mossadeghlegacyinstitute.blogspot.com/p/america-for-nonviolence-anv.html



So far (July 4, 2013 to mid-January 2015), this “driven peace journey” has initiated 58 “Circles of American Nonviolence and Collaboration" (currently in their early infancy), with the goal of starting 1,000 such Circles of profound civility before the tour concludes--perhaps in 2017? 

OUR “SOCRATIC INTEGRATION" MOVEMENT-BUILDING AIM is to nonviolently empower (initially) the American civil society, toward being able to create “integra-cumulative” (synergistic) impact, through effective mutually beneficial collaboration, so that human civilization (and life itself) may have a chance on our deeply wounded Mother Earth. 


WEBSITE: http://www.mossadeghlegacyinstitute.org–or Google: “Mossadegh Legacy.” 
CONTACT: Moji Agha * E-MAIL: mossadegh.legacy.institute@gmail.com * PH: (520) 325-3545

Page 2 (back side of Page 1)

SPECIAL NOTE: Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) is extremely proud to announce that Prof. Noam Chomsky ("the world's top public intellectual") has given us the profound honor of acting as the “Honorary Chair” of the MLI's Board of Endorsers (please see our website's HOME, ABOUT, and WHO WE ARE pages), AND he has also kindly signed our "historic" petition (at signature number 19) calling for a Special Nobel Peace Prize for Gandhi and Mossadegh: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/posthumous-nobel-peace-prize-for-mossadegh-petition-to.html



This on-going 2013 to 2017 (?) speaking tour of the U.S. has been mounted IN PART to celebrate the nonviolence legacy of the beloved democratically-elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh--the "Gandhi of Iran." Moji Agha is the Sufi "monk" who has started this tour (as he drives around the country in his “still running” 1997 car) providing his American “brothers and sisters” with fresh insights about the still unfolding consequences of the CIA's “successful” 1953 secret coup that threw Iran (and the Middle East) off the indigenous path to nonviolent democracy, and profoundly destabilized the region to this day, NOW RESULTING (in part) IN “ISIS.” In each gathering of this lecture and discussion tour, Moji Agha and (the occasional) other speakers lead a dialogue about: a) What the "Circles of Nonviolence and Collaboration" are about; b) Dr. Mossadegh's life and legacy; c) The paralysis of genuine relations between the U.S. and Iran (and the people in the “Islamic World” – affecting the region and beyond) resulting, directly and indirectly, from that 1953 coup, which solidified destructively the on-going mutual inter-dependence of “external colonialism” and “internal despotism,” in Mossadegh's memorable words; and d) How "WE THE PEOPLE” can cause WISDOM in foreign, domestic, global, and environmental policies, in part by engaging in our own indigenous "Circles" MOVEMENT for synergistic effectiveness / impact.



Founded in November 2012 by Moji Agha, the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) is a non-profit American initiative dedicated to building global nonviolence and reconciliation, by awakening an “integrated” interest in the life and legacy of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh--the "Gandhi of Iran." Only by understanding "what might have been" under the (“communitarian self-reliance”) democratic and pluralistic government of Prime Minister Mossadegh, overthrown by the CIA's 1953 coup [in the first of many traumatizing and destabilizing “colonial” interventions and wars in the past 60+ years] would the people of the U.S., the Middle East, and the world be empowered to beget a middle road to peace and REAL democracy and human rights, to an enchanted land of nonviolent common ground, peace, and understanding, so life on Mother Earth may survive and prosper. 


Founder of the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI), Moji Agha, a.k.a. Mojtaba Aghamohammadi, is an Iranian-American Sufi "monk," bilingual poet and essay-writer (and author of a book on how to quit smoking naturally) with extensive education and experience in cultural psychology and conflict resolution. He has been a peace, justice, human rights, interfaith dialogue and Mother Earth activist for over 3 decades. Moji has founded many non-profit organizations and projects, including the International Institute to Study Climate Change in the Islamic World and the Universal Coalition for Interfaith and Intercultural Knowledge and Action, whose active project the “Simple Peace Vigil” is an around the clock "integrative" vigil (so far being observed by over 15,000 "vigilers" around the world) symbolically integrating the causes of peace, justice, and Mother Earth protection--And Wednesday, May 20, 2015 marks the Day 4,444 of this on-going “green leaf in a glass of water” (profoundly simple) vigil of profound awareness: WEBSITE: www.interfaithful.org. Moji has also made integrated contributions to the “Move to Amend” and “Occupy” Movements in the U.S., and he has been active in the non-violent Iranian “reform” and “green movement” struggles for democracy, justice, moderation, and civil spirituality, in part due to his Sufi sensibility of naturally understanding the oneness of all beings. He has a unique psycho-culturally informed view on how we can (and should, before it is too late) embrace and nurture an integrated and synergistic nonviolent movement against all forms of violence, injustice, and ecocide; the perspective that has compelled him to initiate the Circles of American Nonviolence and Collaboration initiative.


WEBSITE: http://www.mossadeghlegacyinstitute.org–or Google: “Mossadegh Legacy.” 
CONTACT: Moji Agha * E-MAIL: mossadegh.legacy.institute@gmail.com * PH: (520) 325-3545


Mission Statement
for the 
Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) 

December 14, 2012 (Please see the note below)


When fully established, the hereby dreamed of "Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI)" would be a non-profit international institution (donations to which are tax-deductible even now; Please see our FUNDING page about the "Mossadegh Chest"), founded and inspired by the proud historic legacy of the Late Iranian Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh (1882–1967), hoping and helping to create a world that nurtures the life-sustaining virtues and values that his legacy exemplifies, namely: Freedom, Independence  (communitarian self-reliance)
, Democracy, Peace, Justice, Moderation, Courage, Hope, Love, Non-violence, Tolerance, and Mutuality. 


Thus, the mission of the MLI (to which we hope the American people pay "indigenous" nonviolent attention) would include preserving, enhancing, and more important, extending the cherished legacy and dreams of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, through the careful creation of a collaborative international institution, worthy of his historic (but presently under-appreciated) contributions not just to his beloved Iran, but to the global community. 


We shall undertake appropriate integrative Iran-centered as well as global policy-oriented research and application initiatives that embody and practice the above-mentioned values and virtues, aiming to create actual positive change on our small vulnerable planet -- for example,
the "America for Nonviolence" project that the MLI has initiated in June 2013, but does not run it

Additionally, and eventually (as a long-term goal), the MLI will build and "house" a library and archive (based in the U.S. -- the country whose government killed Dr. Mossadegh's dream), dedicated specifically to the focus of highlighting (through in-depth interdisciplinary research and collaboration) the little-explored global and historical contributions and impacts of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh's life, work, and legacy. 

Prime examples of such MLI initiatives (per above paragraphs), would be integrative research and application projects that aim to assist (in particular) countries in the "global South" achieve genuine globally collaborative dignified communitarian self-reliance, namely the sustained liberty (in peaceful co-existence with the world) of their peoples from both "internal despotism" and "external colonialism," the two inter-dependent sides of the coin of suffering and oppression, about which "the Elder of Ahmad-Abad" (an inspirational father of the Non-Aligned Movement) warned the grandchildren of history so profoundly.     

Also, as appropriate to his stature (and as possible) we hope to be a part of (and an encouraging partner to) the eventual creation of (at least) a symphony, an opera, a feature epic docudrama movie, and a number of international championship sports tournaments (for example in football/soccer, wrestling, and weightlifting) featuring the proud name of Mossadegh, and honoring his legendary legacy and contributions to history.      


Additionally, inspired by the pioneering action of the Northeastern Illinois University, in naming a student hall as "Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh Servant Leaders Hall," the MLI hopes to be an encouraging partner to all public (and private) institutions, especially in the U.S., in fostering inspired "we the people" campaigns toward naming streets, buildings, squares, neighborhoods, highways, locations, and of course days or occasions, after Mossadegh and his proud legacy. 

For example, we shall encourage and support Americans, in particular, as they initiate (as appropriate and possible) collaborations with their local city, town, or county councils, toward having a "Mossadegh Street" (celebrating nonviolence) in their part of the country; in part to help heal, gradually and symbolically, the crack of the "Liberty Bell," which Dr. Mossadegh noted, with painful irony, in his historic visit to the "Independence Hall" in Philadelphia, shortly before the 1953 uprooting of Iran's young democracy, the fragile seedling of liberty and communitarian self-reliance he had nurtured all his life.    

Thus, in this case, an obvious question arises: 

Which "we, the people" city (or town) will be the herald of this uniquely historic healing of the "crack of liberty," making her own the moral distinction of having the first "Mossadegh Day" and "Mossadegh Street" in America?  

In the same spirit, this Institute will encourage, guide, and support (as possible and appropriate) the proper initiation and development of democratically spirited interest groups, called "Mossadegh Clubs," in all communities, but especially in all credible universities, colleges, and high schools around the world, but particularly in America.  


Also, in addition to creating a global annual award, called "Mossadegh Prize for Integrated Leadership(this title is provisional), we hope that also in collaboration with existing institutional and personal efforts to cherish the enduring legacy of "The Elder of Ahmad-Abad," the MLI would become part of a successful international campaign, pursuing the goal of the eventual awarding of (a deeply deserved) posthumous joint Nobel Peace Prize to Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and Mahatma Gandhi.

We are aware that as of 1974 the Nobel Prize authorities have stopped awarding posthumous prizes. Nonetheless, the ambitious goal of this proposed global campaign would be to convince the Nobel Foundation to make an exception in this case, especially given that we would only be seeking the Nobel Prize recognition that Mossadegh and Gandhi have been denied; thus such a SPECIAL HISTORICAL EXCEPTION need not include any monetary component.              


The 60th anniversary of "The Coup" falls (according to the official Iranian calendar) on the 28th day of the month of Mordad of the solar year 1392, which begins at 2:30 PM, Sunday, August 18, 2013 -- given the time zone difference between Iran and that of the Central U.S. 

On this solemn occasion, the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) will hold a special commemoration event [as a part of our "Mossadegh Awareness Begets American Nonviolence" Tour of the U.S. -- please see the tour's page of this website] in the city of Independence, Missouri. 

However (per above, in "The Name" section of this document), for the formal "grand opening" ceremonies of the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI), we plan to conduct a special joyous event on Dr. Mossadegh's 132nd or 133rd birthday [the 26th day of the month of Khordad of the solar Iranian year 1393 or 1394, which begins at 3:30 PM, Eastern U.S. timeSunday, June 15, 2014, or June 14, 2015--in lieu of June 15] right across the street from the Independence Hall / Liberty Bell, in the American "City of Brotherly Love."  

We have already contacted the relevant officials (for the needed applications, permits, procedures, etc.) as the first step toward holding such a "historic" grand opening event in the "Liberty View Ballroom" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  


Especially in light of the above-mentioned heavy responsibilities, this initial statement of mission and goals is obviously an original draft. 
Thus, we hereby invite with genuine open arms, the ideas and suggestions, feedback and collaboration, of all concerned persons and institutions, but especially of those who have already made valuable contributions (through self-less sacrifice) to this overall mission, and hence understand (in practice, not words) the INTEGRATIONAL significance of this historic task, the first steps of which we, TOGETHER, are beginning to take. Please contribute to this historic process; join and contact this effort.


MLI's Founding Committee (MLIFC)

Formerly called (prior to April 8, 2013) 
Exploratory Committee to Found the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (ECFMLI)


NOTE: The original exploratory text of this Statement of Mission was drafted (and proposed, herein) by Mojtaba Aghamohammadi, a.k.a. Moji Agha, on November 14, 2012, the 61st anniversary of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh's speech at the National Press Club, during his historic trip to the U.S.


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