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"If you build it ...... they will come."

The Circles (of Nonviolence and Collaboration) Chest

The Circles Movement project was initiated by the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI), but is not run by it. Hence, the "Circles Chest" is separate from the "Mossadegh Chest" (see below); Therefore, donations to the "Circles Chest" will be kept separate from the contributions earmarked for the "Mossadegh Chest."      

The Mossadegh Chest 

All donations/contributions to the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) are collected in what we call the "Mossadegh Chest," which (like the Circles Chest) will not accept any strings-attached support (personal or institutional) from sources with "other agendas," given that, per MLI's Mission Statement (and the Mission Statement of the independently run "Circles Movement" initiative) freedom, independence, and nonviolence (i.e.,"communitarian self-reliance") are perhaps the most primary overall values and virtues that the legacy of the Late Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh (the "Gandhi of Iran") exemplifies.   

(Please see below for more information)


Albuquerque Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  $50 (Dec. 2013) 


Jeffrey Haas $50 (Jan. 2014)
Guthrie Miller $300 (Jan. 2014)
Lindsley and Lon Silagi $100 (March 2014)
Guthrie Miller $350 (Nov. 2014)
Cara Bissell $100 (Dec. 2014)
Cara Bissell $100 (March 15, 2015 -- For Moji Agha's VIP ticket to meet Noam Chomsky in Tucson, Arizona)
Joy Morris $25 (July 2015)

(Please see below for more information)


Albuquerque Chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States (UNA-USA)  $100 (Jan. 2014) 
NOTE: This contribution was made to Moji Agha (as a person) in recognition of his dedication to the promotion of human rights and other UN values.


Anonymous   $225 (Jan. 2013)
Cheryl Martin  $50 (May 2013) 

Small Cash Donations $300 
Made by anonymous individual donors -- Paying for expenses (mostly gasoline and car repairs) of the initial segment (May to September 2013) of the "Mossadegh Awareness Begets American Nonviolence" Tour of the U.S.   

Adam Smith  $20 (Oct. 2013)
Anonymous $100 (Feb. 2014)

Small Cash Donations $500 
Made by anonymous individual donors -- Paying for expenses (mostly gasoline and car repairs) of the latest segments (October 2013 to Feb. 2015) of the "Mossadegh Awareness Begets American Nonviolence" Tour of the U.S.  

To send your financial contributions 
to MLI's "Mossadegh Chest" and to the "Circles Chest," please use one of these two methods:

a) Mail in your check (or money order), payable to UCIIKA (Universal Coalition for Interfaith and Intercultural Knowledge and Action) or the Mossadegh Legacy Institute, using our postal address:

Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) 
P.O. Box 14705
Tucson, AZ  85732-4705

NOTE: In the "for" line of your check (or money order), please indicate either: "Mossadegh Chest" or "Circles Chest." If you do not indicate a preference, your contribution will be used for either of these two initiatives, but the first preference (for such allocation and use of the contributed donation) would be the Circles Movement initiative.

b) Deposit your financial contributions for the MLI or the Circles Movement in person by going to:

Bank of Tucson's Main Office
4400 East Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85711

NOTE: If you chose to mail your contribution (check or money order) directly to the Bank of Tucson addressplease include a note asking the bank to deposit the amount of your donation to UCIIKA / Mossadegh Legacy Institute's checking account number: 20200004213--and via the bank's routing number: 122244566, if you chose to make the contribution electronically.         


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